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  • Brillant Best (natgeo)

  • Racing Pigeons in Taiwan (Natgeo)

  • Pigeons in the city

  • TAKING ON TYSON (Discovery Chanel)

Amor de Tyson por la colombicultura

Tyson con una de sus palomas
Tyson con una paloma cuando era joven

  • Animales extraordinarios - Palomas GPS (Canal Odisea)
 Documentary series profiling remarkable animals from across the globe. Spitfire is a pigeon who is using his homing skills to help an outdoors-adventure company in the Rocky Mountains. Wearing a designer backpack, Spitfire carries adventurers' photo memory cards down from the mountain and back to the shop in time for them to pick up their developed pictures. Scientists now try to understand Spitfire's amazing navigational abilities by equipping him with a GPS system.

En el canal Odisea

  • Genius Animals: Pigeons (Nat geo Channel)

Documental Palomas Geniales del la NatGeo

4 partes:

1 sólo archivo

  • The Homing Instinct - Documentary 

Two old friends and rival pigeon racers are preparing for the big race of the season. Set in the North East of England where Maurice's allotment is home to the world's only listed pigeon Cree, the ageing miners embark on what could be their last season together. Jackie and Maurice face the challenges of old age, ill health and a continuing battle with land developers as they prepare for the most prestigious race of the year, where their pigeons will fly five hundred and sixty miles from Bourges in France. The film follows the men's emotional journey as things don't work out quite as expected.

  • Feral Pigeons (BBC)

Racing pigeons (Palomas de carreras)

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